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The Cicadas June 2024

I use Panasonic Lumix G9-I and II , GH6

Lens : Panasonic Kit lens 12-60mm, Mzuiko 75-300 mm , 7artisans 60mm macros , mZuiko 17mm prime , Mzuiko prime 45mm 1.8 mm

Making Lumix G9 to work  

A golf course in Lake County,IL

Blue Heron -Spring time migration in lake county forest preserves

Winter glory

7artisans 60mm macro lens

Chicago skyline 12-60 kit lens

Backyard spring moments Macro using Olympus 75-300 mm with rings

A very random sunrise moment in Riverwoods,IL

Fall colors in Fortsheridan , IL

Butterflies in Chicago Botanic Garden

Ikea jars with water beads

Kit lens 12-45 mm

Cuisine : Fried rice on a griddle

Panasonic 25mm F 1.8 Prime

An evening stroll Lake County,IL

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Cuisine :  Backyard Chili Paneer 

Kit lens 12-60mm 

Winter moments :  Snowy roads Riverwoods, IL  (17mm prime )

Sunrise moments : Lake Michigan Fort Sheridan ,IL 

Kit lens 12-60mm

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